Science of Numerology - What you need to do

The Science of Numerology Review: Does It Really Work?

Introduction to the Science of Numerology Book

The Science of Numerology which is also known as the hidden terminations of letters and numbers by Shirley Blackwell Lawrence which was published by New Page Books is a refreshing and modern at this ancient art and science. To this numerology science, Shirley Blackwell Lawrence is not a new being to it as she has previously written in the rear of the Numerology and also the English Cabalah. Dr. Blackwell also took part in the creation of science of mind practitioner’s course along line with Dr. Jack Ensign Eddington. The Science of Numerology is very unlike any available numerology book present out there that I’ve read. In this Science of Numerology book, the creator Shirley, takes us down to the roots of the letters and numbers with the use of Cabalah as her main guide i.e. the Kabalah or Qabalah. In this Science of Numerology, she makes use of wisdom, logic and discrimination to the major meaning of the Hebrew letters and also the equivalents. The outcome of this is a various kind of numerology which speaks to us the major three levels. They are the divine will, mundane world and also our own or the higher self level. According to Shirley’s system that is the Science of Numerology, the numbers used in any logic or format shows and explains a talent for singing, writing and speaking as well.

Science of Numerology - What you need to do

Science of Numerology – What you need to do

Most people….

…that have tried this Science of Numerology book knows this is true and in this lifetime of this Science of Numerology, I’ve been able to experience seven experiences that are sudden and also experienced the loses which I can vividly remember most of them that has karmic roots which are deep right from the past. The amazing thing that happened to me was overcoming great deal through silence and meditation. In this Science of Numerology book, innovations were introduced by the author in which one of them the inner guidance number. This inner guidance number can be arrived and gotten in several ways and also has various meaning more than the life regulars numbers which are regular. Example of such inner guidance number is 7=4=11=2. Seven reveals that you analyze the work and also the facts and work out the solutions of your own. The down side of this number is unreasonable and also being suspicious. Mostly, answers come through books, meditation and also within your own self. Four reveals that you ensure that your problems is taken very seriously and well focused on. Deal with the problems in a honest and your expectations should also be based on honesty in return. Also, the downside of this number as well is argumentative, stubborn and serious.

If you have …

…any other reason of getting this Science of Numerology book apart from being able to determine the inner guidance number for yourself and also your client, that is also enough reason to get this and you will be fully amazed with what you will come across in it.